New favorite place! Went here for lunch on my anniversary yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious, well portioned, and reasonably priced. Coffee and bread was good as well and I don't usually drink coffee. Didn't try the desserts but they looked amazing. We got a cheese plate, muffuletta (which was AMAZING & comes with an organic salad) and coffee. It was enough for us to share, even though my boyfriend can eat a lot. I'm going back today to try their breakfast menu, the biscuits and gravy are calling my name.
— Brianna C.
A charming French bakery along the waterfront of downtown Petaluma, it's a great place to spend a relaxing Saturday morning. They are known for their quiches. I had the chorizo mozzarella which you can order with a side of fresh fruit. I'm a big almond lover, so I indulged in an almond stuffed croissant too. When you eat here, be sure to enjoy the sight of the waterfront as you're sitting on the outside patio.
— Lance H.
Easily one of my favorite spots in Petaluma for breakfast. In a town inundated with a greasy spoon, Water Street Bistro is a light of pure (healthier) breakfast glory. If you're looking for amazingly fresh prepared pastries, quiches and other delectable items that are not just pancakes and waffles, this is the place for you. The service is always super friendly and the owner is always amazing. She takes the best care of all of her customers.
— Josh G.
They have gr8 sandwiches, soups and a wide variety of things to choose from.  really authentic cooking that is flavorful and a lovely location right by the waterfront.  what more can you ask for?  wait, maybe some dinner hours?
— Rose L.
Flakiest pastries ... perfect lemon tart. Came for lunch but couldn't resist all the amazing looking baked goods. Friendly service to top it off! We're definitely stopping by again next time we pass through Petaluma!
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— G.C.
This cozy place has great service and food. I love coming here for breakfast. Their quiche is delicious and their hot mocha is honestly one of the best I have tried. Even though I live in Marin, it is definitely worth the drive. Water Street Bistro carries some pretty tasty pastries and desserts. They have complimentary bread and butter during lunch hours which is great. A few vegan and vegetarian options too. Overall a really cute place with good food.
— Mary T.
Best breakfast I've had in Sonoma County. Consistently excellent. Try their quiches with a generous portion of fresh fruit. Lattes for a little over $3! An assortment of French pastry's too.
— Jeremy D.

I have never been so happy with using Yelp and finding Water Street Bistro.   The perfect lunch.  A delicious chicken salad sandwich, crab bisque and salad hit the spot.   My friends similarly had a wonderful meal.   You can't go wrong here.
— Jimmy F.
Location, ambiance, excellent food at reasonable prices, and wonderful people~ doesn't get better than this for a lovely breakfast, brunch or lunch in Petaluma.
— Laurie S.
Adorable spot in Petaluma.  Owner, Stephanie, is delightful and her daughter, Bella, is definitely who drew is in.  These folks are the friendliest people we have run into since we have been in CA for the week.  We got some sweet treats that were delish!  The location of the Bistro is right on the river walk!   If you are in the Sonoma area, Petaluma and Water Street Bistro are "must stops"
— Danell S.
Funky, friendly and eclectic, with a view of kayaks on the river, this place is everything you want for a Killer breakfast or lunch  spot. Light-as-air quiches, fresh on-point salads, a dizzying array of world class pastries, and plentiful hot Taylor maid coffee. It hit the spot and then some!
— Doran A.
Order at the counter and hunt down a table, it is Forst come first serve table seating.

Service & staff: Friendly staff.  Got our order wrong but the staff quickly remedy the issue.

Food: Pastrami and Swiss was excellent.  Generous amount of pastrami and bread nicely toasted but not too hard that your mouth is cut.
— Sandy T.
Really authentic homemade french food and desserts! Everything tastes like it was created in the kitchen of a french local! The restaurant is located in the heart of Petaluma! Everything is delicious! The food, desserts, and don't get me started on the drinks! It's the perfect place to have a nice breakfast pastry or any breakfast dish! They also make the absolute best drinks! They make the best coffee, and they make their hot chocolates and mochas with melted european chocolate! This restaurant is the real deal!
— Mel N.
This place is great. Very good location
EXCELLENT FOOD.The best people work here . I had the eggplant provalone  sandwich. So good.
— Joe G.
Best baked goods in the north bay. They actually take pride in what they bake. Real recipes, real people. What a rarity in this day and age. You can't go wrong, it is all exceptional food. Their coffee drinks are superior to places like Starbucks and Pete's. Unbelievable sweets and savory dishes all around. Can't say enough to praise this bakery!
— Robert H.
I love water street bistro; the one thing I miss the most about Petaluma is the small town charm. This place embodies small town charm; who wouldnt love fresh baked goods daily? Homemade Quiche, anyone?

It feels like your grandma's kitchen and gives you that down home vibe!
— Stacie E.
This is a lovely place for breakfast or lunch.  The quiche is so creamy good.  Salads are yummy.  Croissants and bakery are sooooo good. Did I say good?!
— O.O.
I'm an irregular regular here. I come here to pretend to be a European intellectual, master my french and italian grammar or when I simply have the blues, but mostly to avoid doing squats at the 24hour nearby. I am comforted and greeted by the constant and ever-consistent Juan, the french guy in the corner who rarely chats with anyone except with his phone in french because he's busy working his life away. My ears and eyes are overwhelmed by the old school retired men who I call the knights of the round table who get together every day to keep the dementia away. Stephanie, the owner, and her dirty apron are everywhere in this cafe, on the disordered ordered walls, in the cheesy Eiffel towers, in the flower arrangements that her daughter made hoping that you'll notice them.

Staff identifies you by what you're wearing so you don't feel like just a number while you're waiting for your food. Steph always gives me an extra salad even though I just ordered half sandwich, half soup. The lavender pot of tea keeps me occupied with my book as I avoid life in the tiny corner next to the door watching people come and go, laugh and yell, sit and wonder. The food is great and wonderfully comforting here, but it is the people that come here, the owner/chef, that brings her mind and welcoming spirit, and allows it to collide with our nagging human desire to just feel damn okay and comforted for awhile over carbs and coffee that makes this place a staple in the heart of the average citoyen.

This place is for all the francophones both wandering and staying, both consistent and contradicting, for those looking to meet the needs of the hungry and those looking to consume and swallow the delight, for those who seek corners, flowers and bread crumbs... This place is suitable especially for dirty chefs like Anthony Bourdain, the biggest and baddest francophone of them all, who would secretly love and unapologetically criticize this place in a way I will never learn how to do; the next coffee and cigarette is on you.
— Lana I.
Breakfast couldn't get any better. Citrus chamomile iced tea with bacon quiche and fruit to start my day. My girl friend and I had a wonderful time here in downtown Petaluma. Hidden gem with a lovely view of the river and bridge. Indoor and outdoor seating, great customer service, and ambiance. Food is fresh and flavorful. Variety of delightful fresh pastries up front and brunch dishes. You won't wanna miss out on this place.
— Jo B.
This is our go-to breakfast restaurant in Petaluma. Delicious every time, they are always friendly and welcoming. They have an amazing selection of fresh pastry and other items that are always good - even when the specific food isn't up my alley (like something my wife orders and shares, for example) I have never had anything here that wasn't good. Totally recommended.

How good? I'm about to move away. Only now am I comfortable posting this review because it's already busy enough.
— Andy C.
Wow!!!! This place is incredible! My boyfriend and I came here for brunch and we were both so impressed! This is a family run business that will take care of you. The daughter took our order and was so nice, helpful, and understanding. The service was fast, friendly, and efficient. The food is home style like, very gourmet, and tasty! My boyfriend and I again were both so impressed with our meals!
— Brittany R.
What an adorable spot in the heart of Petaluma! Food is amazingly delightful, very well-proportioned and reasonably priced; friendliest service EVER and the location is just right!
Everything about Water Street Bistro is marvelous!
The roasted pepper and tomato with corn soup was perfect -- loved it! I'm not one to order soup on a warm day, but had to try it and I didn't regret it. Literally a bowl full of deliciousness. I look forward to going again and trying another one of their soups. BLTA was pretty ordinary but that's not to say it wasn't amazing...because it was! My meal was enjoyed with a refreshing iced tea and to wrap up, I had a full slice of lemon tart and it was oh-so yummy! It totally hit the spot and some. LOL

Since this charm of place is right in DTP, you'll want to take advantage and walk around beautiful Petaluma soon-after.
— Lilia G.
The perfect breakfast menu, excellent food, friendly staff and great atmosphere. The quiche with bacon was exceptional!
— Albert H.
What a quaint spot! Ordered the quiche and salad for lunch. The quiche is a goat cheese, roasted bell peppers and spinach. They offer three other quiches.
People lunching and a couple look like there on a date and men sitting alone. After ordering at the counter I sit down and they bring my food to the table.
The quiche is creamy and filled with yummy goat cheese and the salad dressed well. Stop by and then stroll the river afterwards.
— Katie G.
Great food, great service, lovely wine. The pastrami was perfectly cooked , the lentil soup was spicy and delicious , and the locally made bread was div.  we enjoyed s nice Malbec with lunch, a perfect pairing.  Can't wait to come back.
— Cheryl H.
Another great meal ! Beef short ribs, cooked to perfection. Delightful juices with baby potatoes and a side salad. More than I could eat. Took half home for a second meal later. Tender, falling off the bones tender. Lovely sauce and perfect for dipping the great bread offering as well. All in all, a superb meal !
— John C.
Honestly, they have become my favorite cafe in town! The foods so delicious and home made I want to try ever item. The quiche and croissants are so good, I try to go at least once a week! Also price point is beyond reasonable, wow what a deal!

But to make matters better, the mother and daughter who run this shop are an abundance of positivist and have excellent customer service. I felt it was necessary I yelp them!
— Jen C.